Project dream


From the Prelude, now to the Fugue: she writes her life-art project like this:     

Necessity’s Rhythm: forever persist in dying soon

Life erasing:
Could be from long to shorter/from the difficult-occasional guess to a more clear process/actually trying to move from ignorance to determination


Life-exchange person: Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook
Project time: the time limit of the project, as appropriate


1. Limited time exchange between:

  • ‘One’s quitting of consumption’ through the assumed gift of oneself to the world
  • Individual humans’ donations to stray dogs & cats at the beginning (and any other animals if possible)

proj.dream ใต้ 1.2.

  • Humans’ realization of world-environment
  • Individual realization of human beings’ value by establishing a commitment to a new determination

2. Re-balancing of importance between the two:

  • More mind than body
  • More abstract than physical
  • More imagination than logic
  • More life than art objects
  • More ethical and moral acknowledgement than preoccupation with the mere thing

3. Life atonement for artistic sin
4. Shifting the meaning of end of self and creation

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