Donation to *Jao-Jorn care

jaojorn founder members

Jao-Jorn Care will spend donated budget by transferring help to care for stray animals

bout Jao Jorn Care

Works through direct help and through persons and groups who take care of poor animals that need help in Thailand

(Starting with some kind of animals,
possibilities spread to
helping other animals
from Thailand and spread out
to any other possible places.)

7.Donation...jaojorn starting with

Account No. 504-0-83618-0
Mr. Eakarach Prangchaikul ( นาย เอกราช ปรางค์ชัยกุล ) and Ms.Hyun Mi Roh

Bank Information
Savings deposit account
Bank Name: Bangkok Bank
Bank address: 251-255 Suthep Rd. Chiang Mai, Thailand
Swift code: BKK BTH BK


Income and Expense

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