Possible participants-aims


The organization as a co-thinking/organizing group for achieving the aims:

-Private part:
Try to achieve euthanasia of the life-exchange person (the artist as the founder of the project and as the one who will certainly cease consumption) by sending an official request document, which could be presented as two-dimensional work with project’s statement.

-Public part:
Ask for donations for stray dogs & cats (and other kinds of animal) through project website’s account.

– Form the realization of world disaster to help reduce the problem through activities such as reading from part of artist’s novel or other book, drinking tea, talking, walking in the garden etc.

-Individuals: to potentially understand the situation and learn from this experience

3.possible part. ใต้ individual

-Context: to face friction, in a sense the upper wind, due to a concern towards new and different aspects of culture, ethics, morals, and the human physical cycle than usual.

*While forming the project, an artist begins searching for some sources for her new fiction, which also provides some indication of the project. The fiction can be translated into English and can concern the realization of poor animals and disastrous environment.*

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