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How to join

1. Life and art ‘activities and documents presentation’ can be purposely designed to suit institutions and organizations who support the project and the artist’s request.

2. Finding the way to reach the three aims of the project ‘putting her to sleep, saving us and our value’, according to the occasional particular conditions of the places involved.

3. A representative from each participating institution will sign two kinds of letter concerning an artist asking for euthanasia – both letters will each time be sent to euthanasia organizations, however many are needed for organizations in different places.

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*Representative can design and write the letters by him/herself as the requested document/s for artist’s euthanasia*

4. Presentations of the documents of the project in institutional spaces

For example:

Two letters asking for euthanasia signed by whoever is involved with the project as a supporter will be hung in two frames in an art space, with the project statement as wall texts or paper texts, distanced from one another but in the same space.

From 5 to an end are choices of possible presentation

5. Video: Dogs’ version as storytellers telling their troubles

(Jao Jorn troubles)

Artist version, as the owner of the project, who is applying for euthanasia exchange for donation and realization. Or any other possibilities.

6. Small group participation/activities, such as: Reading with talking or discussion of the text excerpts from the artist’s novel or any other books.

7. Excerpts from the artist’s novel, presented in the form of installation and/or site-specific work

8. Art&life events in some spaces; museums, public sphere

9. Each show place will have the right to design their presentation of this project.

10. Organizations can, if they wish – but without obligation – help support the journey, accommodation during waiting for an appointment and the fees involved with the artist’s euthanasia.

All kinds of presentations in any show will be to support the project’s aim; putting her to sleep, saving us and our value.

Even if the discussions are of different aspects and opposing views, these will serve our greater realization of the matter of the project.

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